What do your training services cost? 

Group classes held in Moncks Corner are $130 for six consecutive weekly sessions (about 1 hour long each)
Private Lessons start at $250 for a set of 3 private sessions
Mileage fees may also apply for private training based on your location

I'm not sure if I should join group classes, or purchase private lessons. Can you help me?

Absolutely! We are always willing to chat about what your family's goals and needs are to make a recommendation! Here are some general guidelines to get you started:
GROUP CLASSES are more economical if you are looking for foundational or advanced behavior cues, don't have any very specific goals in mind, and your dog is friendly with other pets and people. 
PRIVATE SESSIONS are best for those who have very specific goals in mind, need help trouble-shooting problem areas in the home and/or who's dog may not be particularly friendly to other pets or people.
**PLEASE NOTE true aggression cases should always be evaluated by your veterinarian and/or veterinary behaviorist. At this time, we do not offer aggression rehabilitation services. If you are unsure if this effects you and your dog, feel free to contact us and we will be happy to help you uncover the best course of action for you and your dog.

What material is covered in group classes?

In the Best Basics Level I class, you can expect to learn:

Basic Obedience Cues

  • sit

  • down (lay down)

  • walking nicely on the leash

  • settle

Impulse Control Cues

  • wait

  • leave it

  • take it/drop it

Introductions to advanced cues

  • intro to stay

  • intro to heel

What training methods do you use?

We use positive reinforcement training practices. This means we will reward your dog for desired behaviors, and withhold the reward for naughty behaviors. At Best Behavior, we believe that is it much more effective to teach your dog why it's rewarding to perform desired behaviors, rather than why it's scary or painful to perform undesired behaviors. 

It is also important to note that the reward will not always be a treat! A reward simply refers to anything that motivates your dog. For example, the reward for being patient while on-leash may be continuing the walk. 

So, how does this work?

You will have homework! At Best Behavior, we strongly believe that most of any pet's progress is a direct result of his daily interactions with his family. You will learn how to look for training practice opportunities in your everyday life with your dog and how to make down time, meal time, and play time work for you and your dog to ensure success! Through these opportunities, you'll find that training can be fun and rewarding for all family members. There is really no better way to create and strengthen the bond, communication, and respect between a dog and his people.

Do you have any breed restrictions or specialties?

We do not enforce any breed restrictions for group or private classes. However, for the safety and happiness of all families in attendance, we encourage the following:

  • No dog (regardless of breed) with a bite history may attend group classes

  • Intact females are discouraged from attending group classes while "in heat"

I do not necessarily have any breed specialties but have worked with a wide range of pets from Chihuahuas to Newfoundlands. Each breed, and every dog of said breed, has its own unique personality traits and I enjoy bringing those out and helping families use them to their advantage!